Rumour: Wii U launch date revealed

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Rumours and leaks are nothing new in the videogame industry and history shows us that a large percentage of claims relating to unannounced games or release dates end up being true. The latest unconfirmed report comes from WiiUDaily and cites a US and Japanese launch date for the Wii U.

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According to the report, the website obtained an internal email circulated among the staff at Media Land – one of the most prominent videogame retailers in Tokyo, Japan. The email pegs the US launch date for the Wii U as Sunday, November 18th and the Japanese launch as November 25th. No date is given for the console’s debut in Europe.

The Wii was launched on November 19th, 2006 in the US (also a Sunday) which lends some credence to the rumoured release date. Nintendo has committed itself to a ‘holiday 2012’ launch so mid-November would be an economically astute time of year for the console’s US debut.

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