El33t’s Question of the Day: Is Orbis really the next PlayStation?

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As anticipation begins to swell for the next generation of videogame consoles, so to does the frequency (and even validity) of rumours and speculation regarding this next wave of gaming technology.

Just this year, however, gamers at large have been burned multiple times as we get our hopes up for exciting reveals for Sony and Microsoft’s next home consoles while dreaming about the company’s visions for the future of interactive entertainment.

El33tonline Question of the Day

It’s been confirmed that both Sony and Microsoft will continue to focus on their current generation of technology in 2012, with no talk of PlayStation 4 or ‘Xbox Next’ at E3 this year, but that hasn’t stopped a new round of reports regarding Sony’s next console.

Consumer site Kotaku is reporting new information delivered to them by a ‘reliable source’ (aren’t they all?) that the codename for PlayStation 4, at least, is ‘Orbis,’ while other bits of information have also been revealed.

Do you believe this to be the next PlayStation? Could it be called the ‘PlayStation Orbis,’ to tie in with an overarching ‘Orbis Vitae’ collaboration strategy with the PS Vita?

And what about these cycles of next generation console rumours? Do you even pay much attention any more or do you disregard them until concrete, official information is announced?

Let’s talk PlayStation Orbis and next-gen console rumours! When do you think the next consoles will be announced and released? How will Microsoft and Sony’s reported anti used games technologies work and affect the industry?

“Nothing is true, Everything is permitted!” in this Question of the Day!

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