Interested in The Secret World? This in-depth developer diary is for you!

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In the modern internet age we’ve become accustomed to developer diaries taking the form of videos in which we watch talking heads discuss different aspects of a game, from how the team created the sound effects, created the game engine, developed the story and more.

These video documentaries (or ViDocs – bleh) are even expected to be split up into smaller chunks so as to be more easily digestible. Around five minutes is more than most of us can take before we’re clicking onto something else.

In the old days of the internet, however…

… in the old days developer diaries comprised walls of text and static images! Scary, for sure, but The Secret World developer Funcom is kicking it oldschool with a massive, daunting dev diary written by the game’s lead designer, Martin Bruusgaard.

In his entry, he discusses five core topics, namely Abilites, Skills, Gear, Progression and Crafting – all in-depth, all of which contribute towards the development of your character in this truly exciting massively multiplayer online game.

The Secret World Screenshot 1

Set aside a good chunk of time and be sure to read Bruusgaard’s full developer diary to gain a greater understanding of the inner workings of The Secret World!

If you would still like a new visual tour of The Secret World that includes moving images and touches on similar topics to the full written article, you can watch a new, different developer diary below that was also recently released:

The Secret World Developer Diary – Freeform Progression

The Secret World, due for release on the 19th of June on PC and Xbox 360, sees three secret societies (the Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragon) battling for power when the world is plunged into darkness where monsters and magic are real.

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