Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game – Episode 9

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Having recently gifted my tags to a player in Battlefield 3, it was with a sneaky smile that I reviewed everybody’s guesses from last week again this morning.

Guessing the game is hard sometimes, don’t you think?

M1 Tank Platoon Banner

The classic screenshot is from a tank simulator, but rather than the suggested ‘Abrams Battle Tank,’ the screenshot was from ‘M1 Tank Platoon,’ a Microprose game from the same era that also saw great titles like ‘F-19’ and ‘Red Storm Rising.’

Better luck next time!

The screenshot last week was an easy one. I bent the rules and this was not from a screenshot, as such, but it was from a very important announcement: Diablo III is coming on 15 March 2012 – and the fanboys went nuts! If only they knew there are great alternatives that has been available for years they would not have felt so alone up until now. Saying that, Diablo III does look like a whole lot of fun!

Guess The Game: Answer for March 20th 2012

Classic Screenshot

This week we truly have a classic. I only played this recently after the producers more recent hits drew my attention to their older classics, now totally free. Maybe that is a Friday Freebie in the making?

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for March 27th 2012

News Cropping

The news today is a bit of a weird one. I did not know that making a game about a game is even possible, so now I am really curious as to how this will all work.

Guess the Game: News Clipping for March 270th 2012

And… go!

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