Demos for Kinect Rush: A Disney – Pixar Adventure, Birds of Steel, and Blades of Time now available on Xbox LIVE!

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If you have a decent internet connection and don’t have to worry about bandwidth then demos are a wonderful way to sample a multitude of games from different genres. Xbox LIVE offers a free trial for every XBLA title plus demos for retail releases, ensuring that fresh game experiences are constantly at your fingertips.

Three new demos were added to Xbox LIVE this week and represent games from a variety of genres including family entertainment, shooter, and action puzzler.

Here’s a breakdown of these demos:

  • Blades of Time demo (700 MB)

    • Experience Time-Rewind gameplay, allowing the beautiful sword-wielding heroine Ayumi, to turn back time and produce a clone of herself to help solve puzzles, tackle hordes of enemies and more! With a host of intriguing characters, monstrous fiends, eye-popping visual appeal, tons of treasure and a huge variety of combat skills to master, Blades of Time will satisfy gamers’ hunger for an entertaining yet deep action game, that even gamers new to the hack-and-slash genre will enjoy.

Blades of Time Screenshot 1

  • Birds of Steel demo (1.35 GB)

    • Strap in and grab the stick rewriting history in Birds of Steel. The demo gives aerial combatants a chance to sample the full game by thrusting them into 3 of the most prolific battles from WWII. Lift off in the Grumman F4F and battle your way through Wake Island, pilot the nimble Japanese Zero in the attack on the Lexington or hold on in the Spitfire Mk. V through the Siege of Malta. Birds of Steel gives aerial enthusiasts the ability to pilot planes from all combatants in WWII.

Birds of Steel Screenshot 1

  • Kinect Rush: A Disney – Pixar Adventure (837 MB)

    • Use Kinect to become unique characters in fast-paced Pixar adventures. Dive into five exciting movie worlds to discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles. Use your arms, legs, and wits to save the day! Invite your family to join Woody, Lightning McQueen, and others, in this one-of-kind Pixar experience!

Kinect Rush Screenshot 1

Source: Major Nelson’s Blog

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