See how Quantic Dream’s ‘Kara’ tech demo came to life

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The highlight of this year’s Game Developers Conference was arguably Quantic Dream’s ‘Kara’ tech demo which showcased the Heavy Rain developer’s new graphics engine running in real time on PS3. While the demo was very impressive from a graphical standpoint, the most significant effect of it was making us momentarily forget about its technical aspects and focus instead on the moving story of a sentient android fighting for its life.

The PlayStation Blog recently posted a behind the scenes look at how this tech demo was created. Actress Valorie Curry did an amazing job losing herself in the central role despite having over a hundred plastic balls on her face and body during the performance.

Take a look below:

One of the most interesting revelations to emerge following the tech demo’s showing at GDC is that the engine on display is over a year old. Apparently Quantic Dream has been fine-tuning and improving it for the past year, making it even more capable of conveying the realistic performances which will be central to the studio’s next PS3 exclusive.

Although the story and characters in the Kara tech demo aren’t related to Quantic Dream’s next game, I think it’s safe to say that you can expect a similar level of dramatic intensity, pathos and polished visuals to be present in its upcoming title.

I look forward to sharing more details on this project with you as soon as they become available!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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