Gravity Rush was originally developed as a PS3 title

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Gravity Rush has received rave reviews since its Japanese debut last month so PS Vita owners are understandably hyped for its worldwide release in June. This open-world action-adventure stars a young female protagonist called Kat and features a unique art style and gravity-shifting gameplay mechanics that make great use of the Vita’s motion control functionality.

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The PlayStation Blog recently posted an interview with a couple of Gravity Rush’s creators, including game director Keiichiro Toyama and art director Yoshiaki Yamaguchi. Toyama is best known for creating the Silent Hill franchise, although he ultimately parted ways with Konami and joined Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio where he served as director on the Siren series.

During the interview Toyama made a few interesting revelations about his career and Gravity Rush’s development. He said that making horror games was not his first choice but rather something he was asked to do by his superiors. He also revealed that the idea of a girl floating in the air (as seen in Gravity Rush) was one he had before he joined Konami in the late 90s.

One of the most surprising moments of the interview came when Toyama divulged that Gravity Rush was originally developed for the PS3:

“Originally, we were making the game for PS3. We came across PS Vita along the way. We played around with it, and thought it was perfect for the game, and so we switched to PS Vita.”

While there are currently no plans for a PS3 port there’s nothing stopping one from being released sometime in the future. Having played the English demo for Gravity Rush (available on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store), I’m confident that the Vita-specific controls can be adapted to the PS3’s Sixaxis controller with relative ease.

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Gravity Rush will be released on June 12th in the US and June 13th in European territories. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this promising PS Vita title.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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