Go Big or Go Home: Don’t miss DBNGamers IV this Friday!

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As El33tonline sat down to plan our events and activities for 2012, our mantra for the year became clear: Go big or go home.

We handily demonstrated this motto with our tour of South Africa’s gaming events in January, and while our future exciting plans for 2012 will need to remain locked up and secret for now, this week’s gaming event in Durban, DBNGamers IV, will once again be an opportunity for El33tonline to demonstrate our commitment to the local gaming community.

This time, however, we’re going to go big and stay home in Durban!

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First, the details: On Friday, March 16th, and starting at 18:00 and ending at roughly 21:00, the gamers of Durban will be meeting at Waxy’s Restaurant in Westville – you can get the details and confirm your attendance at the Facebook event page over here.

Afrihost Logo - Small Earlier this week we announced that leading South African ADSL service provider Afrihost has not only generously provided bandwidth vouchers for us to giveaway to DBNGamers IV attendees, but the company has also sponsored an awesome ADSL router and a whopping R600 Mastercard voucher for us to give away to lucky, lucky recipients!

We also revealed that Sony and Ster Kinekor have provided a number of stylish, limited edition PS Vita wallets and headphones for us to hand out to give you a bit more choice when it comes time to accessorise.

So you want more, do you? Greedy guts, but we’ll indulge you.

We can now also confirm that Ster Kinekor and Sony have kindly provided a PS Vita for the evening so you can all try out a huge range of the handheld’s games and features, not to mention actually go hands-on with the device for yourself if you haven’t had a chance yet, which is a fantastic opportunity in itself!

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Of course we encourage your to bring your own 3DS and PS Vita to the event so we can get some competitive handheld gaming going!

We’re also announcing a special ‘Mystery Prize’ initiative for those of you who bring a new friend to this week’s gathering of gamers – we’ll be on the look out for new faces at DBNGamers IV and if we see you, and you were brought by a DBNGamer ‘old timer,’ you’ll be entered into a random draw for a cool ‘Mystery Prize!’

In addition to all of this, we would like to encourage everybody to help spread the word of DBNGamers IV on Twitter with two simple clicks – we’ve done all of the work for you! Click below and hit ‘Tweet’ – easy:

I’m going to DBNGamers IV this Friday night with the El33t P33ps for fun and prizes, will you be there?

We’re not done yet.

Over the course of the evening, there will also be games set up to play for a little competitive fun, while online game event organisers Clan Connection and South African videogame distributor Apex Interactive will be delivering short presentations on who they are and what they do and, who knows, maybe Apex will have a few freebies up for grabs as well…

Do you have anything planned for Friday, March 16th, between the hours of 18:00 and 21:00? We’re pretty sure DBNGamers IV is sounding like a pretty awesome plan right about now, so head on over to the Facebook page now, confirm your attendance (or just rock up on the day, your choice) and spread the word!

Just whatever you do: Don’t miss DBNGamers IV this Friday. We’re going big with this one!

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