Brainteaser Wednesday: Guess the Game – Episode 7

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I am writing this article full of glee! No, it does not mean I take popular songs and sing them with a bunch of school glee club members. It means I finally got you guys properly last week!

Admittedly, it was a sneaky way to do it, but I am resorting to these lowly tactics out of desperation!

Chess, anyone?

The classic game last week was indeed EA’s LHX Attack Chopper. I realized that the classic screenshots are a bit easier as some of you have resorted to Google searches! How low can you go?!

The news clipping in particular really stumped you guys, and that is the one that made my day! This little news cropping was from this screenshot of the exciting new Fable Heroes! Who does not like 4-player co-op gaming?

Guess The Game: Answer for March 8th 2012

Classic Screenshot

Now onto this week’s clues!

An easy one for the Classic Screenshot, this game is a little newer than the usual classic – it actually runs on Windows! Now don’t go cheating and use some funny search engines…

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for March 14th 2012

News Cropping

This news cropping is from a news story that nobody even heard about, because nobody can hear you scream!

Guess the Game: News Clipping for March 14th 2012

One for the money, two for the show! Three to get lucky, now go cat go!

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