Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for February 2012!

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The time is right to announce El33tonline’s latest addition to the El33t P33p Hall of Fame – a community member who we would like to recognise for their outstanding contributions to the El33tonline family of friends and gamers by providing thoughtful and enthusiastic discussion on the site, keeping that conversation going on Twitter and Facebook, as well as ensuring a raucous and entertaining time during our online gaming evenings.

We’re very proud today to announce our El33t P33p of the Month for February 2012!

First, however, a customary rhyme and/or poem and/or war cry for our El33t P33p, telling of this legendary character’s amazing feats and grand deeds:

GaaTY War Cry 2

El33tonline thanks Garth Stuurman, also known as GaaTY, for being such a keen member of the El33tonline community and a wonderful ambassador for our amazing family of gamers.

You are El33tonline’s ‘El33t P33p of the Month’ for February 2012!

You’ll soon receive 20GB of Afrihost-sponsored ADSL bandwidth, as well as a points voucher for the platform of your choice (Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network) for your contributions, as well as a place on our El33t P33p Wall of Fame!

Congratulations to Garth!

A massive thanks goes to everyone in the El33tonline community for your daily comments, Tweets and Facebook conversations, as well as fragging us, non-stop, online – not only do you all keep us highly entertained, but you keep us highly motivated to keep doing what we’re doing.

Hopefully we encourage you to keep doing what you do best and we look forward to continuing to speak with you all now and in the future!

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