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This Friday past, March 2nd, had the Cape Town gaming scene buzzing with excitement courtesy of the biggest and best 2upGamers thus far, the 4th Dimension.

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Hosted at the Rygersdal Sports Club in Rondebosch Cape Town, the 4th Dimension garnered the second largest audience yet and up to 80 attendees were present and ready for the awesome line-up that 2upGamers had in store.

Speakers featured were Cape Town Showdown, Clan Connection and GamerNET, and awesome prizes by Friends of Design, Takealot and EA to the value of R40 000 were begging to be won! Talk about a high-profile event! Let’s delve deeper into what went down.

First up was Cape Town Showdown, the community driven fighting game tournament series run by Ryan “SAPhoenix” Williams, Ashraf “ZombieHunta” Barendse, and Nicholas “Ennohex” Robertson-Muir. The team showed us some epic footage of their most recent event, CTS II: The Sequel, which showcased some of the most amazingly talented players we have here in the Mother City.

Cape Town Showdown has been making waves in the local fighting game scene and as a result, already have their next event lined up which is set to be bigger than before. Fancy your skills better than the rest? Be sure to attend the Cape Town Showdown: Third Strike tournament taking place on the 27th & 28th April at Settlers High School in Belville, Cape Town.

For more information visit their webpage at this link.

Next up was the new and exciting Clan Connection run by Nick Holden and Stuart McGarrick, who told us what they’re all about and also showed us a very impressive video which showcased the skills of clan High 5. I pinned these guys down after the official proceedings for an exclusive El33tonline interview which explains what they have to offer the gaming community.

El33t: What inspired Clan Connection?

Stuart: Nick and I worked together before on a project called Xboxreel, and as changes and ideas came about Nick and I decided we really wanted to push console gaming forward in SA on a competitive level and on a community level so with joining sponsors like MWEB, we started to put things together and that was the birth of Clan Connection.

El33t: Are you guys more online based or do you do LAN tournaments as well?

Nick: At this point we’re pretty much all online, we want to get the guys qualified via an online tournament where the winners will take their skills to a dedicated LAN event where we could feature the finals via a live stream with commentary, with the goal being to bring the PlayStation community and Xbox community together to perhaps even do friendly battles between the two.

El33t: Any plans at the moment as to how you’re going about getting exposure for the actual clans?

Nick: At the moment we are running an online tournament called Clan Challenge. Our first tournament finals was on February 19th on the Xbox 360 where we did the live stream and match commentary from the MWEB M-Cave; the first ever for South Africa. We’re also featuring the PlayStation side as well via the first ever live stream for the PS3 happening on March 25th, which is quite exciting for us as well as the PlayStation community.

El33t: Nick your video editing skills are crazy impressive – is that something you do as a passion for gaming or is it a profession?

Nick: It’s more of a passion for gaming. I started off not knowing where to go to showcase my skills as a competitive gamer, so I figured YouTube would be a fun place to get some recognition. We then decided to hook up with Xboxreel and then of course developed Clan Connection in order to give other players and clans a platform to get themselves in the spotlight.

El33t: Stuart, are you a gamer as well or are you predominantly more behind the scenes?

Stuart: I play occasional games of Gears and Modern Warfare but yes, I do work more on the background level. I do the writing and in terms of reviews and features, I handle a lot of the background business as well in order to help and support Nick in what he’s trying to achieve with the clans, and facilitating with the project management side for our focus on gaming in South Africa.

El33t: What is Clan Connection aiming to achieve over the next 2 years?

Stuart: We want to pull the competitive clans in SA together; in the past it’s been quite separated so what we’re trying to do is unite the gaming clans to get a greater push for competitive LANs in order to find the best of the best, so that in the end we can actually have South African competitive LAN teams to compete on an international level.

El33t: How would people stay in touch with Clan Connection?

Nick: At this point it is mainly on Twitter; there’s going to be a lot of developments in the near future as I personally love to take a hands-on approach by taking Clan Connection to the people rather than them having to come to us.

The obstacles we face with a large percentage of the console gaming community is that not many players out there are part of mainstream forums and social media sites to hear about what we do, so you actually have to go to the players and say “this is what we’re doing, you guys should come along to us and see what we can do for you.”

To stay in touch with Clan Connection, follow Nick and Stuart on Twitter; catch Nick via @HoldenZA and Stuart via @SilentiSonas.

The last featured speaker was Jeremi “Jeeva” Avenant to talk about the GamerNET house currently in development in Belville which aims to provide a spot for gamers to gather for tournaments and social gatherings. He also touched on BarCraft South Africa; a movement which started in the USA mid last year where the goal is to take the e-Sport StarCraft to sports bars.

Jeremi and partner Pieter Venter hope to launch this in South Africa very soon. To stay close to their developments you can follow them on Twitter via @GamerNETtv and @barcraftza.

Awesome prize giveaways ranged from Takealot’s Diablo III beta keys, Diablo III Collector’s Edition vouchers, a Xbox360 250GB console, EA prizes such as Mass Effect 3 CE vouchers, a massive game hamper with titles SSX, Syndicate, Grand Slam Tennis 2, Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street, and 10 Friends of Design videogame development course vouchers valued at R2500.

Delicious pizzas and Monster Energy Drinks courtesy of Monster themselves were provided, gaming time via several gaming stations the team had set up featuring Dance Central competitions, Tekken competitions, some game time with the newly released SSX, bringing back the old-school with Guitar Hero III, FIFA matches… The 2upGamers 4th Dimension was truly the most exciting Cape Town gaming gathering to date.

Be sure to not miss out on your share of the awesome prizes, exciting industry news and developments and of course, a darn good time for Cape Town gamers by staying close to 2upGamers via Twitter, Facebook and of course their website so that you don’t miss out on the next one coming your way this April.

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