Lionhead unveils Fable Heroes for 4-player co-op fun over Xbox LIVE

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Lionhead Studios has today announced a brand new spin-off to the company’s Fable franchise in the form of Fable Heroes, a four-player co-operative game that will be made available over Xbox LIVE as an Xbox LIVE Arcade game later this year.

Fable Heroes Screenshot 1

Fable Heroes is billed as a hack-and-slash adventure game that takes “playful competition to the next level” and includes time trials and leaderboards on Xbox LIVE.

As is standard brawler fare, you and your band of merry Fable heroes will be tasked with defeating enemies and gathering up loot while levelling up your character to unlock special items, but you’ll also be competing with your friends during co-operative play for the loot so you’ll need to be quick… and perhaps a little nasty.

In terms of visuals, there’s a little bit of Costume Quest and a touch of Zelda: Windwaker in Fable Heroes (which isn’t a bad thing at all), while the premise would most readily bring to mind a recent classic like Castle Crashers.

Fable Heroes Screenshot 2

You can watch the debut gameplay video for Fable Heroes below, and peruse the rest of the first ever screenshots for the game as well:

Fable Heroes – Debut Gameplay Footage

Fable Heroes Screenshot 3

Fable Heroes Screenshot 4

Fable Heroes Screenshot 5

Fable Heroes Screenshot 6

Fable Heroes Screenshot 7

Fable Heroes Screenshot 8

Fable Heroes Screenshot 9

Fable Heroes Screenshot 10

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