Journey developer diary dissects thatgamecompany’s design philosophy

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Journey Screenshot 1

Few console titles are as graphically sumptuous as Journey. When a game’s screenshots look like they belong in an art gallery then you know you’re dealing with something very special indeed. I was fortunate enough to play the Journey Beta last year and can confirm that there’s a lot more to the game than beautiful visuals. Journey is a profoundly enriching experience that highlights the potential of games to carry a potent emotional charge.

Thatgamecompany recently put out a developer diary that introduces some of the key personnel at the California-based studio and dissects the design philosophy underlying its latest project:

Journey will be released exclusively for the PlayStation Network on March 13th in the US and March 14th in European territories. PlayStation Plus members with a US PSN account can pick it up from tomorrow for $14.99.

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Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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