New screenshots for The Last of Us depict a fierce battle for survival

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Until God of War IV is announced, The Last of Us is the PlayStation 3’s biggest upcoming exclusive. Naughty Dog intends to reinvent the well-worn post-apocalyptic genre by crafting a compelling experience that features a rich, original story and inspired gameplay mechanics.

Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist Arne Meyer recently took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss a short demo that the developer showed off to US publication Game Informer. You can read his full report over here and soak up some screenshots from the gameplay demo below:

The Last of Us Screenshot 1

The Last of Us Screenshot 2

The Last of Us Screenshot 3

The Last of Us Screenshot 4

The Last of Us Screenshot 5

These images were all captured directly from gameplay footage, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look amazing. The art design really gives the game a unique look and feel, and the dilapidated state of each environment successfully conveys the desperate situation the two protagonists find themselves in.

Hopefully Naughty Dog releases a second trailer for The Last of Us soon because I’m pretty sure these areas from the game will look even better in motion!

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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