Fun and Games at id Software: Tim Willits hangs out with The Authority

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The latest blockbuster first-person shooter from id Software may not have been the critical and commercial smash hit that the developer and parent company Bethesda were expecting, but we’re of the mind that RAGE sets up a good universe for future adventures.

If anything, RAGE served as a taste of what’s to come with moments of brilliance shining through and some very interesting and understated innovations introduced, while a very enjoyable co-operative mode helped round out the package nicely – El33tonline’s RAGE review explains further.

Tim Willits - Authority Image 1

Regardless, id Software luminary and RAGE creative director Tim Willits always seems to be smiling and stopped to hang out with this awesome statue depicting one of the bad guys in RAGE, The Authority:

Tim Willits - Authority Image 2

We want one too, Tim!

What other enemies and monsters from id Software’s games would make good statues?

Source: id Software on Twitter

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