Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game – Episode 5

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It turns out that my feeble attempt at discouraging you guys last week failed miserably. It also appears that every episode of ‘Guess the Game’ starts off with me lamenting my inability to catch you guys out.

Karateka Image Cheat

Karateka! The classic game from last week prompted many gamers to reminisce about its insane difficulty, and Graeme also rightly mentions that Jordan Mechner of Prince of Persia fame is contemplating a remake for current consoles.

At last, a screen cropping that stumped most of you, but some just got a lucky guess. Yes, it is a snowboarder’s arm! The SSX demo has recently been released and the game is out this week. I had to get the screenshot from earlier news about some new trailers detailing the different zones in the game.

Guess The Game: Answer for February 21st 2012

Enough banter, let’s get to the tests!

Classic Screenshot

The classic game of the week is all the way from the 80’s! The mullets and the leg warmers are clearly visible in this screenshot (OK, maybe not!).

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for February 28th 2012

News Cropping

I was going to post a clipping of the new Medal of Honor game, but there are no screenshots yet. So what you get is this special announcement – I am hoping you guys won’t make heads nor tail out of it!

Guess the Game: News Clipping for February 28th 2012

Let’s see how smart you really are and tell me what these games are!

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