New Medal of Honor: Warfighter morsels crumble in, make for a feast

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Just like the way we scramble towards any and all signs of downloadable content (or expansion pack) news for Battlefield 3, so are very excited for tiny flecks and morsels of information regarding Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the next military-themed first-persons shooter from EA and Danger Close.

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You’ll remember that Medal of Honor: Warfighter was semi-formally revealed last week in the pages of Official Xbox Magazine with a few sparse bits of information arriving alongside, but today we have a few more small crumbs, only we’re going to be careful not to scoop the magazine, OK?

So, a few of the details we’d like to share include the addition of a co-operative mode (likely separate from the singleplayer campaign) and a ‘one-shot-kill’ hardcore mode for first-person shooter veterans.

We already knew that multiplayer was being developed in-house at Danger Close this time, and this portion of the game will include factions varying from the Tier 1 Operator forces, the Polish ‘Grom,’ the Australian ‘SASR,’ The German ‘KSK,’ and the British ‘SAS.’

Singleplayer, on the other hand, will once again see you taking control of an elite Tier 1 Operator class soldier, made real, believable and authentic thanks to consultation with real operators in the field. Characters from the last game (including Preacher, Mother and Voodoo) return in Warfighter as players are taken to locations as exotic as the flooded city of Isabela in the Philippines.

There’s not very long now until the game’s formal announcement at GDC 2012 next week – El33tonline is hoping for a nice, big unveiling with in-game footage and developer interviews to keep us happy until the next event!

What do you hope to see, hear and find out at the big Medal of Honor: Warfighter announcement next week?

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