More Battlefield 3 DLC hints? We’ll take them!

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The folks over at EA and DICE have been sending out hints about the next set of downloadable content for the pair’s Battlefield 3 for weeks now, with the latest of these teases arriving on Twitter following a question from a fan.

Clutching at straws? Yes, but we’ll take any news of Battlefield 3 DLC we can get!

In response to the seemingly innocuous question of “is there any dlc coming out soon?,” DICE replied on Twitter:

“We haven??t announced our DLC plans just yet but we are playtesting some impressive things in the Studio”

Hmm. Strange that the studio would mention “DLC” and “impressive things” in the same message, isn’t it?

Again, we’re grabbing at whatever hints we can, but perhaps POItjie can bring us up to speed in the comments regarding the latest Battlefield 3 rumours? An All American pack? 2143 content? Rumours and speculation, or is this reality?

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