“BigBoss Wants You!” Development begins on ‘next Metal Gear Solid’

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A job recruitment page has very suddenly appeared on Konami’s website detailing a variety of positions related to the development of ‘the next Metal Gear Solid’ game.


BigBoss Mystery Jobs

According to the job page, recruitment will take place at GDC 2012 in San Francisco from March 6th to March 9th and Kojima Productions is looking for engineers to help develop “the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC” as well as assist in the development of the “next-gen game engine technology for use with the ‘FOX Engine.’”

They’re also looking for a Kojima Productions Brand Manager.

BigBoss Wants You Text

There are all kinds of other positions waiting to be filled, from additional programmers and concept artists, to game designers and composers, so go have a look.

Is this really confirmation that Metal Gear Solid 5 is in the works? What about those allusions to BigBoss all throughout the job listings? Could we be going back to the days of Snake Eater or is ole’ Hideo Kojima playing with our minds again?

We would bet on the latter.

We would also bet that we’re going to find out more about the project at GDC this year at the beginning of next month, so we’re hoping the bet pays off!

What would you want from a Metal Gear Solid 5? Does this concept art give anything away? What’s up with the dog in the second image? Hmm.

BigBoss Wants You Image

BigBoss and Dog

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