El33t’s P33k at PS Vita’s launch line-up: Hustle Kings

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There’ll be plenty of digital-only PS Vita games available on the PlayStation Store from tomorrow but few are as eye-catching as Hustle Kings. The game features incredible lighting effects, realistic ball physics and chic venues to marvel at, as well as plenty of addictive modes that will keep you returning to this excellent pool simulator time and time again.

Hustle Kings PS Vita Screen 2

The PS3 version of Hustle Kings has been available on PSN for over two years but still has a large fanbase who compete in online tournaments and matches on a regular basis. Hustle Kings on PS Vita will allow you to challenge these PS3 players across the PlayStation Network and even engage in voice chat.

If you own the PS3 version of Hustle Kings you don’t have to pay a cent extra to get the game on Vita, and vice versa. This is a great deal when you consider all the extra features that have been added to the handheld version: front and rear touch controls, asynchronous multiplayer, custom table prints, and camera functionality.

A large part of Hustle King’s appeal is its challenging game modes. Some trick shots will take multiple attempts to pull off while a few of the AI opponents you face during Career Mode are devilishly difficult.

Hustle Kings will cost you £6.49/€7.99 and is available as a digital download from the PlayStation Store.

If you want to experience PlayStation’s premier pool game for yourself then be sure to place your bet on Hustle Kings.

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