Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game – Episode 4

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Again, you guys amaze me with your skill, talent and knowledge of obscure gaming trivia. I am very proud of you. They grow up so fast.

The news last week was indeed from Asura’s Wrath, although some of your spelling left a lot to be desired. It is the thought that counts, right? Asura’s Wrath releases in March and the bad news was of its delay until then.

This is going to be one crazy epic game!

Guess The Game: Answer for February 14th 2012

The classic game was also guessed with some ease, mostly because it is Russell’s favourite game of all time: Sid Meier’s Pirates (the original, not the remake!)

Enough chatting, let’s get to the new images.

Classic Screenshot

This one could be news as well and I confess to never actually playing this. I do remember a mate playing this in lovely pink and purple.

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for February 21st 2012

News Cropping

More good news this week! Yay! This game got me into console gaming big time! Again, I say too much!

Guess the Game: News Clipping for February 21st 2012

Well done to those who got it right last week! I am impressed! Remember to leave your guesses for this week’s images below!

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