Debut Mortal Kombat PS Vita trailer hints at AR mode

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Mortal Kombat - PS Vita Artwork

There have been a number of exclusive PS Vita features and modes announced for Mortal Kombat already, such as touch screen fatalities and a new Challenge Tower that makes use of the Vita’s unique capabilities.

One feature that hasn’t been announced yet is an Augmented Reality mode where the fighters do battle on whatever surface you’re pointing the Vita’s rear camera at. This type of gameplay is what Reality Fighters – another PS Vita title – is all about.

With Mortal Kombat only due out in the second quarter of 2012 there’s still plenty of time for developer NetherRealm Studios to announce an AR mode for the game.

Take a look at the debut trailer for Mortal Kombat on Vita and see if you also come to the conclusion that an AR mode may feature in the game. Of course the trailer could just be advertising that you can play Mortal Kombat on the go, but the optimist in me likes to think that the trailer’s contents serve as a prelude to an AR mode reveal during the next few months.

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