El33t’s P33k at PS Vita’s launch line-up: FIFA Football

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One of the games I’m most looking forward to checking out when I get my PS Vita is FIFA Football (called FIFA Soccer in North America). I’ve always enjoyed the FIFA games on consoles but generally find that there’s something more tempting to play whenever I sit down in front of the TV. Since FIFA Football is the only sports game in the Vita’s launch line-up I think it’ll be my go-to game when I just
want to lie on the couch and unwind.

FIFA Football Screen 3

The FIFA games on PSP were never particularly good because they always felt like a watered-down version of their console counterparts in terms of modes, gameplay and graphics.

FIFA Football signals a new era of portable sports games where they can go toe-to-toe with the console versions they draw their inspiration from.

From what I understand, EA Sports was able to import their PS3 FIFA engine to the Vita with few compromises. You can therefore expect the same authentic stadiums, physics-driven animations and excellent player likenesses which made FIFA 12 the graphical spectacle it is.

Online multiplayer is limited to one versus one but the singleplayer modes you know and love from FIFA 12 are all here in FIFA Football. These include Be A Pro, Tournament Mode and the insanely deep Career Mode.

FIFA Football Screen 4

FIFA Football can be played in the traditional way but there are also many optional enhancements to ball control which take advantage of the Vita’s vast range of controller inputs. These include touch screen passing so you can place a through ball exactly where you want it or alternatively pass the ball to an out-of-the-way teammate.

You can also enjoy pinpoint accuracy when you shoot by using the rear touch pad to place the ball in the back of the net. Another section of gameplay which uses the Vita’s touch screen is set pieces such as free kicks. I think I’m going to make extensive use of this control option since I’ve always been terrible at taking free kicks in the console versions of FIFA.

Are you also looking forward to taking a fully featured FIFA experience with you on the go? Let us know in the comments.

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