Resistance: Burning Skies invades PS Vita in May

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Resistance Burning Skies Logo

Sony is touting Resistance: Burning Skies as the first portable dual-analog first-person shooter so there’s naturally plenty of expectation associated with the game. Burning Skies is being developed by Nihilistic Software whose previous titles include PlayStation Move Heroes and Zombie Apocalypse.

Sony has announced that the game will be released for PS Vita on May 29th in the US and May 30th in European territories.

Take a look at Burning Skies’ awesome box art:

Resistance: Burning Skies Boxart

The game takes place in 1951 during a Chimeran invasion of the US’ East Coast and sees you fill the shoes of a firefighter from New Jersey named Tom Riley.

Burning Skies makes innovative use of the Vita’s touch screen and rear touch pad. For example, you can touch the axe icon to perform a melee attack without having to switch weapons.

Are you looking forward to playing the world’s first portable dual-analog FPS when Resistance: Burning Skies is released in May? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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