El33t’s P33k at PS Vita’s launch line-up: Escape Plan

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There’s no denying that PS Vita’s launch line-up is largely comprised of ports, spin-offs and sequels. However this makes perfect sense given that the Vita’s installed user base is still in its infancy. It should take a year or two before we see publishers significantly ramp up development costs for PS Vita games and this will lead to more original AAA titles being released for the system.

That said, there are a few original IPs being released alongside PS Vita which look very promising indeed.

Escape Plan is the first title from Fun Bits Interactive and is the brainchild of Chris Millar, who previously worked on the Fat Princess franchise.

Escape Plan is a black-and-white puzzle game filled with deadly traps that you must guide protagonists Lil and Laarg through. These hapless heroes need to find a way out of the cruel chambers they find themselves in, and you’ll need to interact with your Vita in a variety of entertaining ways to keep them in one piece.

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The game’s creators refer to its unique style as “survival humour” so expect plenty of guilt-inducing chuckles along the way.

Escape Plan will be available on the US PlayStation Store later today for $14.99, while those of us in European territories can purchase it from our regional PS Store on February 22nd for £9.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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