Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game – Episode 3

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Welcome to this special Valentine’s edition of Guess the Game!

Right, so you guys are way too smart and guess my games too easily. I think I have been a bit too soft on you guys. Prepare to be amazed! And if you guess it too soon I will be the amazed one!

Every week I give you two images, one is an old classic game that anyone older than twenty should be able to get. I also include a cropping of a news article to see if you are paying attention to new games.

Last week the classic screenshot was indeed Wing Commander, and I am surprised how many people actually remember that old classic. I never quite got into the Wing Commander series, but it’s spin-off Privateer series cost me many days of my youth. It even stars Clive Owen in the sequel, back when FMV was just starting to make a name for itself.

The second image was in celebration of today’s big demo launch, and it is indeed a piece of Commander Shepard’s N7 logo. The reveal of the cast was a pretty good video. Freddie Prinze Jr. plays the most muscular guy, even though he himself looked pretty skinny! If you have any doubts on this game you really should play the demo today, or at the very least read our preview.

Guess the Game News Screenshot Answer

Enough chatting, let’s get to the new images.

Classic Screenshot

I don’t think I ever played this game for more than a few hours. It never got me hooked. But when the game saw a re-release I was totally hooked.

Guess the Game Classic Screenshot

News Cropping

Where last week’s news was good news, this week it is bad news again. I dare not say anything more. Can you tell what game this is?

Guess the Game News Screenshot

Well done to those who got it right last week! I am impressed! Remember to leave your guesses below!

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