El33t’s P33k at PS Vita’s launch line-up: Rayman Origins

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It’s not long now (nine days and counting) until the eagerly awaited PS Vita is available worldwide. The system will launch alongside more than twenty titles which can be purchased from the PlayStation Store or retail outlets, so choosing which games to pre-order or set aside money for can be a daunting task.

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We’ll be covering as many of these titles as possible in the lead up to the Vita’s release next Wednesday to help remind our readers (and ourselves) what these launch games are all about.

The first title I’m keen to take a look at is Rayman Origins. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions didn’t sell particularly well when they were released in November but positive word of mouth and price cuts have seen the game perform far better in recent weeks.

The PS Vita version of Rayman Origins is virtually identical to its console counterparts although the local co-op feature found in the original game has been removed. In its place is Ghost Mode which allows you to challenge your friends to speed runs of each level. The game also includes support for leaderboards so you can see how you compare with the nimblest platformer enthusiasts around the world.

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Another new feature is the ability to zoom in on the action by pinching the PS Vita’s touch screen. This is going to give gamers the opportunity to admire the game’s beautiful 2D graphics in greater detail and allow them to scan the screen for secret areas.

Rayman Origins is a long and challenging experience so taking it with you on the go will provide a perfect opportunity to chip away at its dozens of levels while soaking up some of the most vivid and memorable 2D environments in video game history.

The game will released for PS Vita on February 14th in the US and February 22nd in European territories.

You can read Oliver’s opinion on the console variant of Rayman Origins over here.

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