Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game – Episode 2

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Last week we tried a new feature called ‘Guess the Game’ where you, our wise and well gamed readers, are presented with two screenshots.

The first screenshot is of a classic game that really tests your knowledge of gaming from times past. The second is a cropping of a more recent news article on El33tonline, to test just how much attention you are paying when trawling around the site for your gaming fix.

Last week’s pictures were easy, it seems. A lot of you recognized Maniac Mansion right away. Maniac Mansion was the first game to use the SCUMM interface that later saw use in such classics as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Sam and Max. What is difficult, though, is the game itself. It’s one of the few adventure games that I am yet to finish!

The cropped image was of the sad news that Max Payne 3 has indeed been delayed. We all now need to wait until May before we can shave our heads and shoot bad guys in slow motion while diving behind cover.

Here is the original article and image:

Guess the Game: Answer for January 31st 2012

For this week we have two new games waiting for you to guess who they are!

Classic Screenshot

This week’s classic game screenshot might be too easy for some, and others will have a hard time guessing what it is. Personally I had fun with it and have played every single game in the series apart from a recent Xbox LIVE release.

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for February 7th 2012

News Cropping

This week’s news is not bad at all. In fact it has me very excited. It is also more informative than good or bad, really, but that is just me voicing my opinions.

Guess the Game: News Clipping for February 7th 2012

Well done to those who got it right last week – can you guess the games this week?

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