Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for January 2012!

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We’re very proud today to recognise a member of El33tonline who has contributed to the community by participating in conversations on the site and supplying a unique brand of humour and insight, while providing feedback on Twitter and Facebook and also keeping excitement and competition high during our online gaming sessions.

We’re very proud today to announce our El33t P33p of the Month for January 2012!

It has become customary to provide some sort of poetic and/or lyrical accompaniment with our El33t P33p announcements, and this time it’s no different, only the genre that best suits these stylings would be some form of hip-hop or hardcore rap.


MacDeath 'Lord Death' Rap

El33tonline thanks Gian Paolo Buffo, also known as MacDeath_ZA (and the gamer formerly known as L0rd0fTheFrags) for contributing his time and skills to El33tonline’s Gears of War Wednesday, as well as commenting on the site and chatting with us on Twitter and Facebook.

He is El33tonline’s ‘El33t P33p of the Month’ for January 2012!

You’ll soon receive 20GB of Afrihost sponsored bandwidth, as well as a points voucher for the platform of your choice (Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network) for your contributions, as well as a place on our El33t P33p Wall of Fame!

Congratulations Gian Paolo!

As always, we are incredibly appreciative of everyone’s posts, Twitter comments and retweets, Facebook ‘Likes’ and discussion, as well as your time spent playing in games like Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3. You push us to provide a greater degree of excellence in everything we do, and we thank you for that.

Keep doing what you do best p33ps!

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