PSN unavailable on Thursday due to scheduled maintenance

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In a post on the official European PlayStation forum, it’s been announced that a planned period of PlayStation Network maintenance will take place starting this Thursday afternoon and last until Friday morning.

From Thursday (February 2nd) at 14:00 until Friday (February 3rd) at 08:00, the following PSN services will be unavailable:

  • PS Store (PC and Console)
  • Customer Account Management
  • Registration

In addition, PlayStation HOME will be unavailable during this maintenance period. As always, there’s still a chance that you could remain online during this time:

“Users who attempt to sign in after maintenance begins may receive the site notification page. If you are signed in before maintenance begins you should remain signed into your online session (although the above services will still be unavailable).”

The post didn’t say anything about online gaming, but we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see if we can get into El33tonline’s regularly scheduled games of Uncharted 3. Sorry folks.

Instead of playing games online on Thursday, you could read Lisa’s excellent editorial addressing lingering multiplayer issues in Uncharted 3 combined with this very problem of constant PSN maintenance. Or you could just read it now…

Source: Official European PlayStation Forum

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