Guess the Game

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Some of our readers have been with us since the very beginning. Some of you have been with gaming for even longer. Others of you are brand new to this gaming thing, and need a bit of an education when it comes to the older games. This weekly feature will pit your wits against your memory as you remember the good times of yore, and the bad time of course.

Each week we will feature a screenshot of a classic game from various platforms and you get to guess the title. Then next you get a noddy badge and I give a short history lesson about the game in question.

I will also post a small cropping of a screenshot from a more recent news story on the El33tonline website. This will see how up to date you are on your news and how much attention you are paying every week.

So, lets not digress too much longer.

Classic Screenshot

Today’s classic screenshot is certainly a classic. I honed my gaming skills on this one.

Guess the Game Classic Screenshot 1

News Cropping

This is a cropping of a rather sad news story. I hate bad news.

Guess the Game News Screenshot 1

If you know the answer or answers, feel free to comment below. Or be sneaky and put off your mates by guessing wrong on purpose.

Till next time!

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