Uncharted 3: How to correct the Trophy Sync Error in multiplayer

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I really love you Naughty Dog – you gave me what I believe to be one of the best game franchises ever created, you gave me a witty half-tucked Nathan Drake, and you gave me hours of entertainment in three awesome adventures.

There is, however, a flip side to this coin. Because you also gave me frustration at not being able to log in to multiplayer matches, disappointment at missing playing online with my friends, and anger that this issue has not yet been resolved.

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Naughty Dog, you’re making it so difficult for me to play your game lately. I really want to, but every Thursday when we play Uncharted 3 online we are plagued by different issues. The blame doesn’t fall squarely at your door though, Sony also has a role to play in this sad tale. Most firmware updates happen on a Thursday so we often have to cancel our online gaming plans because the PlayStation Network is offline. We understand you have to implement updates Sony, but can’t you make it a little less often?

As if downloading the latest firmware update is not enough to dampen the evening’s festivities, you’ll probably also have to download the latest patch to the game too. I had to start preparing to play Uncharted 3 about two hours before the kick-off time of our multiplayer matches ‒ true story! This was to make sure my PS3 was updated and my game was patched. And I haven’t even started discussing the Trophy Sync Error problem yet.

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I don’t understand Nate, why does Naughty Dog not fix the Trophy Sync Error?

The dreaded Trophy Sync Error (TSE, TM), notorious throughout many a land and feared by many a gamer who has fallen prey to this nasty problem. I have had trouble joining multiplayer before thanks to this little beast, so it was up to me to try and find a solution. This error was a major problem with Uncharted 2, so my question to you Naughty Dog is why are we still struggling to get into multiplayer games because of the same problem?

Uncharted 3 was a contender of most Game of the Year lists (including our own), and yet we are still faced with problems of gamers not being able to play the game that they paid hard earned cash for online. It’s sad having to miss out on Uncharted 3 action with your friends because of a problem that the development team have not fixed yet. Please let us know you’re working on it Naughty Dog and our faith in you will be restored.

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I surrender, this Trophy Sync Error is too much, even for me.

Basically the Trophy Sync Error means that you can’t access the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3 at all. What happens is that after you click on ‘multiplayer’ the game will try and sync your trophies, but it will fail and give you an error message. Exiting the game, restarting your PS3, even restarting your router will have no effect whatsoever on this error ‒ once you have it you are pretty much doomed to enjoy only the singleplayer campaign of the game and sit bummed on the sideline as you imagine your friends enjoying Team Deathmatch and more online.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. After conducting some research on the internet, I discovered that there is a fix to this problem. After doing this whole process twice last night, I luckily managed to get into multiplayer and had an awesome time playing online with my friends. If you have also fallen prey to the Trophy Sync Error, I hope that this fix will work for you too, and let’s hope that Naughty Dog have their ear to the ground and find a solution to this problem very soon.

How to correct the Trophy Sync Error in Uncharted 3 multiplayer

1.) Go to the Game icon on your PS3 and then select the Game Data Utility icon. Delete all of your Game Data Utility for Uncharted 3 in the Game menu. There may be more than one Game Data Utility for Uncharted 3, so make sure you delete each one. Do not delete the Game Save Data Utility.

2.) Turn your PS3 off.

3.) Restart your PS3 and load Uncharted 3.

4.) Allow the game to reinstall any updates or patches.

5.) Enter multiplayer.

6.) Redownload the online pass.

7.) Watch as the Trophy Sync progress bar loads.

8.) Hold your breath ‒ this could take a while.

9.) Once it has loaded you will be in multiplayer.

10.) You can now enjoy playing online multiplayer!

11.) If this process doesn’t work the first time, repeat steps 1 ‒ 9 again and hopefully it will solve the problem the second (or third) time around.

Note: You will have to download all downloadable content again as it will be deleted with the Game Data. Any DLC already purchased can be downloaded again for free from the PlayStation Store, including the online pass that you will need for multiplayer.

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Bring on the bad guys, I’m ready to roll!

Good luck and happy multiplayer gaming!

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