Debut trailer for MLB 12: The Show exudes realism

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MLB 12: The Show Screen 1

The MLB: The Show series is a PlayStation exclusive renowned for its attention to detail and solid gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately it never gets released outside of North America so those of us in other territories have to go the import route to sample one of the most complete sports games of this generation.

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently released a ‘first look’ trailer which showcases the game’s incredible graphics and highlights numerous additions to gameplay. You can now control both batting and pitching with the PlayStation Move, and the game also sports a revamped physics model (in a similar vein to FIFA 12).

The PS3 and PS Vita versions of MLB 12: The Show will be integrated in various ways, although the team at SCE San Diego Studio aren’t ready to reveal all the details quite yet.

Both versions will be released on March 6th.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer and whether you’ll consider importing the latest iteration of MLB: The Show. Thankfully buying the game for PS Vita is as simple as purchasing it from the PlayStation Store using a US PSN account, although you won’t be able to play it on your default account if you choose this method of acquisition.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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