Resident Evil: Revelations out this Friday – stunning trailer sets the mood

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There’s been so much hype about the long-awaited reveal of Resident Evil 6 that it’s easy to forget Resident Evil: Revelations is almost upon us. This 3DS exclusive will be out this Friday (January 27th) in PAL territories, and Resident Evil fans looking for a return to the series’ survival horror roots should definitely give the game a look.

Resident Evil: Revelations Banner

Capcom recently showed off a 5-minute story trailer for the game which features a mix of CG and real-time cutscenes as well as the odd gameplay clip. If you had any doubts before seeing this trailer that RE: Revelations would have some of the best graphics ever seen on a handheld, then expect those doubts to be obliterated by what the team at Capcom have achieved with their latest project.

The trailer below does include a couple of mild spoilers, so avoid it if you want to go into the game oblivious to all story elements.

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