Original PlayStation 2 classic Killzone coming to PlayStation Network

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Killzone ArtworkAfter a new rating surfaced for the original Killzone by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in the US, Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed to Game Informer that the classic PlayStation 2 first-person shooter will see a release on PlayStation 3 this month.

Maybe the word ‘classic’ is a little generous when it comes to Killzone, but I personally really enjoyed the game and it serves as one of the very first console shooters I ever played and finished, following my time with Halo 2 and Black.

The multiple character approach to the story was handled well, I thought, and the story was fleshed out appropriately, while the weapons were a blast to use. The main detractor to the experience was the dreadful framerate which, at times, made the game unplayable in high action sequences.

Hopefully that blemish has been ironed out and when Killzone releases on the PlayStation Network on January 24th (on the North America PlayStation Store, at least) for $9.99, the framerate will be taken care of.

Also of interest would be the game’s included multiplayer and how that portion of Killzone will be handled. Surely the developers handling the port work have been tasked with ensuring the online modes of the game work? It would be a novelty, of course, but it’s part of the full package.

Will you be purchasing the original Killzone on the PlayStation Store when it arrives this month? It might be time to jump back into the game that started the series!

Source: Game Informer

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