Resident Evil: Revelations demo confirmed for US and Europe

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If you’re a fan of trying out games before you buy them then the 3DS eShop in its current state will leave you cold. There’s not a single demo to be found on the US or European eShop despite the 3DS being out for more than seven months. However if you live in Japan it’s a different story, with over a dozen demos being released on the Japanese eShop during December.

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Thankfully this sorry state of affairs is about to change, with Capcom recently offering confirmation that a demo for Resident Evil: Revelations is on its way to the US/EU 3DS eShop in the near future.

Christian Svensson, Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President, broadcast the news on the Capcom Unity blog with the following post:

“A RE: Revelations demo for NA and Europe is coming.”

“In the case of NA, we’re awaiting our date confirmation and code approval from NOA (we have a tentative from them, but I’ll have to keep you in suspense).”

“When we have something more concrete to share, you won’t be able to miss it on the Capcom-Unity blog.”

Resident Evil: Revelations is out in Europe on January 27th and February 7th in the US so the demo can’t be too far off. Once it hits the eShop you’ll definitely want to have your friends over to gawk at the game’s incredible graphics and collectively soak up that classic Resident Evil atmosphere.

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Source: Eurogamer

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