PS Vita’s battery put through its paces

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The PS Vita has only been on sale for four days in Japan but already all sorts of hardware-related feedback has hit the internet.

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One of the major concerns potential PSV buyers in the West have is whether the unit’s battery life is up to scratch. Reports prior to launch suggested that the battery provided only 3 to 4 hours of usage before it needed to be recharged.

A PS Vita owner on popular gaming forum NeoGAF has posted his own battery life test which offers a more encouraging result than the one intimated at prior to launch.

This gamer got a full 4 hours and 29 minutes out of his PSV battery under the following conditions:

Battery Test:

  • 3G/WiFi Model
  • Mobile Data (3G) ON
  • WiFi ON (connected to home network) – this means I was getting notifications/etc the whole time
  • Bluetooth OFF
  • Brightness MAX (note: Brightness in OS MAX, caps in-game at about 80% [battery saving measure—even 80% brightness is really bright…])
  • Near Auto-Updating ON
  • Headphones – volume at 50%
  • Time was spent:
    • Playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 from Game Card (including about 30 minutes of Online play)
    • Occasionally flipping to Web Browser for quick look-ups, as well as Trophies app to check trophies (game kept running in the background, obviously)
  • Full to Death: 4:29
  • Warning notice came on at 4:11

This test suggests that PS Vita owners can easily get more than five hours battery life with 3G and WiFi switched off and screen brightness at a normal level. PS Vita trophies need to be synced manually so there’s little reason to be connected to the network while you’re engaged in a single-player game.

Take a look at how much real estate PS Vita’s battery occupies in the image below:

PS Vita Battery

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