This is the fourth and penultimate voucher winner!

Written by: / / No Comments Logo Badge 2 The announcement of the fourth and penultimate shopping voucher winner lies in wait below – whoever owns the name will win themselves R100 to spend on the South African online retailer’s store!

By ‘lie in wait’ we obviously don’t mean that the winner is untruthful while standing in a queue or is biding their time by telling tall tales to passers-by.

We’re not into falsifying characters like that!

We mean… you know what we mean, let’s find out who won that voucher!

Congratulations to CataclysmicDawn (Bracken) for winning the fourth R100 shopping voucher!

We really enjoyed reading which shopping malls you would abandon in favour of online retailer Kalahari, and we’ll have a fifth and final chance to win another voucher tomorrow, December 7th!

Special thanks again to for providing the vouchers!

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