Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for November!

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We’re once again extremely proud to identify a friend and reader of El3tonline while recognising important contributions made to our excellent community with site comments and messages on Twitter and Facebook, too.

We’re proud today to announce our El33t P33p of the Month for November!

But first, a poetic reading inspired by the latest addition to the elite group of El33t P33ps:

Smur-Oh Of Legend Poem

El33tonline thanks Mathew Clarke (also known on the site as Smuroh) for all of his messages of encouragement and for taking part in discussions on El33tonline – congratulations to him for becoming the El33t P33p for November!

For your efforts, El33tonline and EA South Africa will be sending you a copy of Need For Speed: The Run, as well as an online points voucher for the platform of your choice!

Massive thanks to everyone for their posts on El33tonline, your Facebook comments and Likes, and those Twitter Tweets! Your daily (and hourly and minutely) words of support and excitement always put a smile on our faces and help us do what we do, so we’ll continue to try and reward you with competitions in the future, while trying to keep you as informed as we can about this wonderful world of videogames!

Keep on doing what you do best, p33ps – we’ll be announcing the El33t P33p prize for December on this page, so keep your eyes peeled!

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