Cape Town’s Second Wave event according to Twitter: “Awesmazing”

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Those of us who didn’t go to the Second Wave gaming event in Cape Town this past Friday definitely missed out on a raucous time – a fact that was revealed by attendees of the 2upGamers and Friends of Design hosted evening who immediately took to Twitter during and after the get-together to let the rest of South Africa know about the excellent activities, games and giveaways on offer.

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Of course, El33tonline’s Lisa and Wayne were at Second Wave, too, and did their part to bring our brand of excitement and entertainment to the gamers of Cape Town with a presentation and lots of prizes, while Apex Interactive and Monster Energy were fully present with a host of games to show off and energy drinks to consume… respectively, that is!

So what did the people of the Mother City think of Second Wave? Here’s what you had to say on Twitter:

The Gamers:

Over 100 gaming enthusiasts gathered at 2upGamers’ Second Wave event, and by the sounds of things, they all had a blast with chances to play new and upcoming games, gather up bags of swag, meet one another and grab some eats:

DieJason (DieJason)

  • “Ah good times last night at 2upGamers secondwave, only got home 1:30am. Massive crowd, good job @2upgamers, increasing the awesome”

  • “Thanks @el33tonline for my gift, great meeting you! Hope you will come down again soon, or maybe I’ll see you at rage 2012”

Cassey Toi (casseytoi)

  • “The El33tonline people are fun, and give out great prizes, go check out their site.”

  • “The El33tonline folks are awesome, just won the new Spiderman game and a t-shirt :-D Am lucky today :-)

Shaun (Fawkes360)

  • “Thanks @GlennZA @el33tonline @ApexIntSA @FriendsofDesign and @2upGamers for an awesome event :)

Shaun (Fawkes360) Prize Haul Image

Photo by Shaun (Fawkes360)

Farouk Dearham (Farouk_Dearham)

  • “@El33tonline @2upGamers @apex thanx for an awesmazing evening. Played Grease on Kinect and finished with some Brutal MMA.”

Pieter van den Berg (PoorieZA)

  • “Thanks to @2upGamers @ApexIntSA @FriendsofDesign @El33tonline and @Monster_RSA for a great 2upGamers event last night!”

Rowan Abrahams (RowanLFC)

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the 2upgamers gathering last night. Awesome event for gamers in Cape town. Thanks @Hylton_Arendse”

Zombie Dredd (zombie_dredd)

  • “Thanks @2upGamers @ApexIntSA @FriendsofDesign @El33tonline for a top class evening.”

Wayne (creepy360)

  • “@El33tonline Thanks El33t, was great meeting the people behind El33tonline and thanks for all the freebies. Great fun.”

Wayne (Creepy360) Prize Haul Image

Photo by Wayne (creepy360)

Jody (jGLZA_b00)

  • “Great time at @2upGamers 2ndWave last night. Got to meet the awesome @el33tonline guys too.”

Nadine R. Arendse (BeingNadine)

  • “That was an awesome night & an amaaaaaazing bunch of people at @FriendsofDesign! Also a great location for the 2upGamers #SecondWave event.”

  • “That was a spectacular evening @2upGamers — @Hylton_Arendse @GlennZA @Reaper09. I’ve already marked my diary for the next one ;-)”

David Hecker (david_hecker)

  • “@2upGamers Awesome 2nd wave meetup tonight with @FriendsofDesign @ApexIntSA el33tonline and CPTgamers. Free stuff too!”

Lood van den Berg (loodberg)

  • “Thanks to @ApexIntSA & @El33tonline & @MWEBGMZ for attending & adding your fantastic energy (and swag) to the 2upGamers event last night.”

Brendon Bosch (skweh)

  • “@2upGamers booyah!!! Tonight was dam bomb diggitty”

The Taste-makers:

Present at Second Wave were a few influential personalities in South African writing, blogging and social media circles, and they had only positive things to say about the event:

Dave Duarte (DaveDuarte)

  • “El33tOnline at 2upGamers. Props to @GlennZA @Reaper09 & @Hylton_Arendse for putting such a kiff event together!”

Grant Hinds (GrantHinds)

  • “@ApexIntSA @glennza @2upgamers @friendsofdesign @el33tonline Thank you! Loved having you here!! :)”

2upGamers Second Wave Image 1

Did you take this photo? Let us know!

Tarryn van der Byl (nxtrms)

  • “Ace 2upGamers event tonight! Big ups to Glenn and the krew! m/”

Bryan Banfield (thebanmanZA)

  • “CPTgamers you have to admit… we got spoilt tonight! Massive thanks to @GlennZA and the rest of the @2upGamers team. Awesome night!”

  • “@El33tonline – massive thanks for your presentation! Thanks for bringing your site closer to the community! #2upgamers”

Calvin Fisher (Calvin_Fisher)

  • “@thebanmanZA @Glenn @GrantHinds @creepy360 @David_Hecker @Jimmydaspade and more ctgamers at 2upGamers with @El33tonline”

The Organisers:

Second Wave’s organisers took to Twitter, too, to send quick words of thanks and impressions on the event out to the world:

Glenn Alexander (GlennZA)

  • “Special thanks to our sponsors, @FriendsofDesign & @Monster_RSA (@MonsterEnergy) plus our guests, @ApexIntSA & @El33tonline & @MWEBGMZ TV.”

Apex Interactive (ApexIntSA)

  • “Cheers to Cape Town, see you all next quarter – exciting stuff! Thanks again @GrantHinds @GlennZA @2upGamers @FriendsofDesign @El33tonline”

Quinton Davie (qdavie)

  • “Awesomely well run event last night by #2upgamers CPTgamers @GlennZA in Cape Town. @ApexIntSA Apex Interactive will definately be back !”

2upGamers Second Wave Image 2

Photo by Shaun (Fawkes360)

Philipp Schmid (FriendsofDesign)

  • “@el33tonline @apexintsa @DaveDuarte all under one roof tonight here at @FriendsofDesign for 2upgamers”

Hylton Arendse (Hylton_Arendse)

  • “2upGamers second wave blew me away! What a night! Thanks to @El33tonline @MonsterEnergy @ApexIntSA @FriendsofDesign you guys rock! Love Cpt”

2upGamers (2upGamers)

  • “The 2upGamers Team thanks the CPTgamers for showing amazing support for The Second Wave last night. An absolute mind blowing gathering.”

  • “Thank you CPTgamers for getting 2upGamers to trend yet again on twitter last night. Achievement & Trophies Unlocked – Back 2 Back Trending”

  • “Pencil in the 20th of January 2012 for a “special” 2upGamers 3rd Encounter coming your way in @CapeTown, featuring International speakers.”

The Inquires:

South African Twitter users who didn’t make it to Second Wave were very curious about the event, too, and El33tonline friends and readers tried to find out more about the goings-on:

Jarrod Lane (NoodleZA)

  • “@thebanmanZA Did @El33tonline give away the same shirts as rage? Those were the best shirts of the show, old school rules!”

(Yes, we did give away our awesome El33tonline shirts, thanks for asking!)

Pieter de Bruyn (thepoizone)

  • “@creepy360 that’s a lot of pizza. I would ask you send me some but I don’t think its a good idea. Enjoy it man.”

2upGamers' Second Wave: Pizza boxes are full

2upGamers' Second Wave: Pizza boxes are empty

Photos by Wayne (creepy360)


El33tonline’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa also had nothing but praise for Second Wave:

El33tonline (El33tonline)

  • “Cape Town gamers sure know how to party! Thanks to @2upGamers @ApexIntSA @FriendsofDesign @MonsterEnergy for an awesome event!”

  • “Waffles for breakfast to celebrate an awesome @2upGamers Second Wave last night – thanks to all the El33t p33ps, was great to meet you!”

2upGamers Second Wave Image 3

Photo by Brandon De Pontes ((F34R_SWARL3Y))

In summary: Second Wave was awesome! Or “awesmazing” as Farouk so elegantly puts it!

Thanks for reading what everyone had to say about Second Wave on Twitter! We’ll have full impressions and video from the event in the future, so look forward to more reports and news from 2upGamers’ latest Cape Town gaming gathering soon!

Did you go to Second Wave? What did you think? Will you be going to 2upGamer’s Cape Town event in January?

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