Here is a Resident Evil: Revelations trailer to confound you

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Resident Evil: Revelations Banner

We’re going to agree with the general sentiment on this just-released trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations – it’s utterly bewildering.

While the Capcom Blog offers a few explanations about the characters and setting seen in the video, we think it would be a whole lot more fun to watch it before you read any further details that may make any sense of it.

Resident Evil: Revelations – Story Trailer

What is said at the end of the video? Can you make head or tail of it?

Now that you’ve watched the trailer, here are some clues to put the puzzle together, courtesy of the Capcom Blog:

“Formally introduced in this trailer are: The FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) and its leader, Morgan Lansdale; BSAA director Clive R. O’Brian; a mystery man named Raymond Vester, whose true allegiance is still unclear; and the city of Terragrigia, which was destroyed by a bioterrorist attack.

“We also get a bit more time with Jill, Chris, his new partner Jessica Sherawat (she’s the one rocking the one-legged swimsuit) and beefy BSAA agent Parker Luciani, who is my personal favorite addition to the cast.”

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot 4

In addition, the setting of Terragrigia was explained thus:

“Terragrigia is a major plot point for Revelations, so this cleverly hidden video may help shed some additional light on the subject. Turns out bioterrorist organization Veltro (which also has a cameo in today’s trailer) took it down in 2004 with a Hunter-filled assault, the first instance of a BOW-led attack on the public.

“Prior to Terragrigia, the creatures of the RE world were covered up or the result of an outbreak or accident – now, the world at large is a potential target.”

Still very odd, but at least it makes a little more sense… a little.

Resident Evil: Revelations is out for the 3DS on January 27th in Europe and February 7th in the US – look over El33tonline’s past coverage of the action game for more video as well as extra details and screenshots.

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