PS3 firmware update 4.00 detailed and available now

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PS3 The team at Sony Computer Entertainment has snuck out a brand new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 this morning, bringing everyone’s consoles up to version 4.00.

It will also get us all ready for the launch of PS Vita in Japan this year, apparently.

The update is available right now, but what does it do? Journey of discovery below:

According to a post on the PlayStation Blogs:

“In preparation for the launch of PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) in Japan, this update will prepare PlayStation 3 (PS3) to serve as a content management device.

“It will allow users to copy their digital content such as games, music, photos, and videos between PS Vita and PS3, back up PS Vita game games including save data to your PS3 hard drive, and update the system software for your PS Vita system using the network features of your PS3.”

Other changes to take effect with this update include:

  • PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature
    • Game patches
    • System software
    • Recommended games and videos
    • Sync trophy information
  • New PlayStation Network settings for filtering friend requests and messages

Grab firmware update 4.00 for PlayStation 3 now!

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