El33t’s Question of the Day: Have you been recommended a game, but haven’t played it?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

In 2011, we’ve been treated to an overflowing bounty of fantastic games so time is short to go back and play older titles that friends have recommended – videogame backlogs are a depressing thing to behold.

Regardless, in this Question of the Day we still want to know:

Have you been recommended a game, but haven’t played it?

I’ve got a confession: For all the excited words I’ve ever spoken about Vigil’s breakout hit, Darksiders, I’ve never played the game – blame Lisa’s contagious enthusiasm.

For all of the games that have been released in recent years, Darksiders stands out to me as the one I really, really need to play. Not only does El33tonline’s Editor-in-Chief glow whenever the game is mentioned, the internet in general is in agreement that it’s an overall excellent title and well worth your time – I’ll need to get to it before Darksiders II next year!

What game has been recommended to you, but you’ve not yet got around to playing? What is it?

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