3DS Circle Pad Pro dated for January 2012 in Europe, arrives with RE: Revelations

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Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad Image (Small) Capcom has announced that when the publisher’s Resident Evil: Revelations for 3DS is released in Europe in late January 2012, the action game will be available both as a standalone title as well as a bundle with the announced Circle Pad Pro 3DS peripheral.

The Circle Pad Pro add-on for 3DS will be packaged together with Resident Evil: Revelations on release in Europe, with a date of January 27th set for launch.

What’s so great about the Circle Pad Pro? It’s an extra piece of kit that attaches to your 3DS to provide an extra, second dual analog stick to make playing action and twitch-based games easier to control, rather than solely relying on the touch screen and d-pad with the single analog pad.

According to Capcom, and with regards to the benefits of the peripheral, Resident Evil: Revelations is “[built] from the ground up specifically to make the best use of the Nintendo 3DS capabilities, players can now add a fourth control scheme to their Nintendo 3DS gameplay experience with the new Circle Pad Pro accessory which attached to the Nintendo 3DS system.

“Use specific button combinations for more effective or expert play, or as a traditional ‘twin-stick shooter.’ You can also make use of the Touch Screen to solve puzzles, switch between weapons more easily and check out the labyrinthine map.”

Look out for the release of Resident Evil: Revelation on January 27th, alongside the Circle Pad Pro peripheral for 3DS, and look through El33tonline’s past coverage of the creepy, zombie-infested action title over here.

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