There’s a Gulf between us – let’s watch this Back to Karkand trailer together, like we used to

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EA and DICE managed to whip gamers into a frenzy ahead of the launch of Battlefield 3 in October with all kinds of exciting trailers and screenshots showcasing the game’s intense, urgent and spectacular gameplay situations, and now the publisher/developer pair aim to do it all over again with the impending release of the expansion content, Back to Karkand.

Battlefield 3 Banner Logo 1

Following the release of an amazing video for one of the pack’s multiplayer maps, ‘Strike at Karkand,’ you can witness a brand new trailer for another map, ‘Gulf of Oman,’ below.

How is it we can keep getting excited all over again for the same game with just a single glimpse of its beautiful visage?

Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand: Gulf of Oman Gameplay Trailer

Want to know more about Back to Karkand for Battlefield 3? Here’s a quick round-up of the content’s features, additions and inclusions.

Back to Karkand for Battlefield 3 is out this December on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (and one week before other platforms on PS3) for $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points, or for free if you’ve got a Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3. Look out for it!

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