Happy birthday to Wayne and Warren! And Shigeru Miyamoto!

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Happy Birthday!This is a special day for two members of the El33tonline team, as both Wayne and Warren celebrate their birthdays today!

You’ll know Wayne of course for his excellent reviews, previews and event photos, but you may not know that this individual also works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep El33tonline in tip-top shape! Thanks Wayne!

As for Warren, we’re proud to call him a member of the El33t team for his superb reviews and additional contributions. He also does a mean Johnny Depp impression and can trade beans like nobody’s business!

Join us in wishing Wayne and Warren the happiest of birthdays today – it wouldn’t be El33tonline without them!

There’s another legendary game industry fellow who shares his birthday with our El33tonline compatriots, and it’s none other than Nintendo game designer and director, Shigeru Miyamoto! Is it even possible that he turns 59 this year?!

Happy birthday Shigsy!

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