Ridge Racer: Unbounded dated with latest hectic trailer

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Want to know when the next new arcade-style racing game from Namco Bandai is due for release? Then you’re definitely in the right place, because Ridge Racer: Unbounded has been dated for March 2012, and will become available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC!

Ridge Racer Unbounded Banner Logo

North America will get Ridge Racer: Unbounded on March 6th 2012 while Europe and the UK will see the game’s release on March 2nd 2012.

Set to bring “vehicular and environmental destruction” to Namco Bandai’s classic and venerable arcade racing series, Ridge Racer: Unbounded will retain the signature drifting gameplay experience seen in previous instalments of the franchise to please fans, combined with what the publisher calls “explosive action” to make for “the most visceral and destructive racing game of 2012.”

Quite a claim!

Ridge Racer Unbounded Screenshot 1

Both story-based singleplayer and online multiplayer offerings will be available in Ridge Racer: Unbounded, with several modes included, while a ‘City Creator’ track editing tool will let players create and share their own race courses for others to destroy.

Here’s that hectic Ridge Racer: Unbounded release date trailer – if you enjoy Burnout’s action, Ridge Racer’s drifting and Need For Speed’s Autolog, then this game is for you!

Ridge Racer: Unbounded – Release Date Trailer

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