El33t’s Question of the Day: Rewarding realism or fantastic fun – which do you choose?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Videogames give us the chance to perform all kinds of incredible feats, from fighting in a futuristic war against hideous aliens, to taking part in your own action movie, to going on grand adventures through lands of fantasy. Videogames also allow us to jump into the seat of Formula One racing cars, creep over vast terrain as a soldier and pilot fighter jets.

Games offer us the ability to master a realistic set of rules for extended reward, or simply jump into fantastic make-believe scenarios for a few minutes (or hours) of fun.

So this Question of the Day asks:

Do you prefer games boasting realism, or games with an element of the fantastic?

The question comes up after the release of the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V which seems to once again be taking a more realistic and serious approach to the open-world sandbox genre of games, following on from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Shortly after the release of that trailer, THQ and Volition went and released a new video for Saints Row: The Third showcasing all of the crazy, whacky things you’ll be getting up to in that game – the polar opposite of Grand Theft Auto as it is today.

So which do you think you’ll enjoy more? The insane antics of Saints Row: The Third and its range of fantastical events, or the more paced and story-driven approach of Grand Theft Auto V?

In general, what types of games do you prefer? Titles with realistic overtones or more arcade-like experiences?

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