El33t’s Question of the Day: Are you a run-and-gun or sniping player?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

In honour of the release of Battlefield 3 today, this edition of the Question of the Day asks:

“How do you approach shooters: As a run-and-gun or sniping player?”

Late last year, Lisa wrote about her opinions on the differences between run-and-gun players and those of us who prefer to hang back and take pot-shots at enemies in shooters ranging from all-out action games like Gears of War, and more precise experiences like Medal of Honor, while drawing on her background as a shooter player ‘back in the day’ and her experiences today.

Be sure to read that excellent editorial over here, and while you do, have a little think about your own habits as a shooter player.

Do you prefer to run ahead and get the bad guys before everybody else, or have you got a little more patience and are willing to find a piece of cover and carve through your foes more slowly?

As you can see in El33tonline’s review of Battlefield 3, the run-and-gun approach will get you cut down to size, so the more deliberate method is necessary.

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