FIFA 12 on PS Vita gets first batch of screenshots

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FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 1

It’s common knowledge that a PS Vita version of FIFA 12 is in development but up until now it’s been keep largely under wraps. EA recently lifted the lid on the game by unveiling eight screenshots for it and giving select members of the press some hands-on time with this promising portable sports title.

EA has confirmed that the PS Vita version of FIFA 12 uses the same engine as the PS3 one, so it’s little wonder that the graphics look as sharp as they do in the screenshots below.

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 2

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 3

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 4

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 5

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 6

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 7

FIFA 12 PSV Screenshot 8

FIFA 12 on PSV includes a wide range of platform-specific features, such as optional touch-screen controls which allow you to pass to a teammate or aim a shot simply by touching the appropriate point on the screen.

We shouldn’t have to wait long to see the PSV version of FIFA 12 in motion as the game is slated to release as a launch title in Japan on December 17th.

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